Tribute page review: First attempt

i have recently finished my very first piece of coding by making the tribute page. It is not perfect especially with being responsive but let me know what you think and how i can improve.

Kind regards :slight_smile:

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My first impression is that it looks great :slight_smile: It’s an original layout, visually very well done.

Points for improvement:

  • See how you feel about breaking up the text in 2 or 3 paragraphs. It makes it friendlier to read.
  • As you already mentioned, responsiveness.
  • The title “MUSIC” is placed directly over a photo. Maybe this was your intention, but this doesn’t feel right to me.
  • Very minor point. Behind the titles of the releases, I would add (single) or (album).

Thank you Michael for the feedback. I will definitely take those to heart and keep improving on the work.

Hi! The black background makes it visually elegant. Keep up the good work. Can you please also check mywork and tell me how should I improve it?