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I request some feedback on my first 2 projects. Any feedback is very much appreciated, but in particular I have few concerns:

  • Doubts on the way I write both the html and CSS and would love to hear how it can be improved.
    I used a lot of child selectors ( > ), something I have been into lately because I find it more easy to read the hierarchical structure quickly this way. But maybe I should improve on naming classes and keep the lines of CSS more short?
    In CSS I tried to put as many properties under the proper classes or tags to shorten things up and have easy access to apply changes. Is this successful in your opinion? Is the code “readable”?

  • This particular design made me tailor a lot with media queries. I noticed it had a slight different responsiveness on CodePen and Github, but I could be wrong. Anyway I would love to hear if I could have done better over there.

  • I used mostly em units and I’m fairly happy with its results in terms of responsiveness. But yet I wonder if it is used as it’s supposed to.

  • Is the form properly accessible with keyboard?

There are some designer issues I ran into and I got to know that there is need of javaScript to fix this, so don’t take those too serious:

  • Certain floating labels moving back again once the :focus is released - even with content in input (email, phone, age, comments).
  • The radio and checkboxes label also float back when it is selected again.

Hi @code-carrot !
I don’t know how to review your project when you didn’t even give the link. :roll_eyes:

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