Tribute Page to Ben & Jerry's

Hi guys!

I’d really love to get some feedback on my tribute page to Ben & Jerry’s. The majority of my time spent working on this project was going between looking up something I didn’t know, or figuring out why it wasn’t quite working, so I’d really like to hear what you all think could be better.

One thing I never resolved: The quote position moves based on the screen size. (ie: when I looked at it from a phone, the blue-marked-quote was over the timeline below the image). Would the easiest way to resolve this be to just make the page responsive? Is there another way to keep the quoted text over the image without re-positioning itself?


Hi @maperez,

CSS inspector:

  • Unexpected unknown property “align”:
h2 {

iframe {


HTML inspector:

  • The ‘align’ attribute is no longer valid on the <div> element and should not be used.
<div class="container fluid bg-2 text-left" align="Left">

MDN documentation:

<div>: The Content Division element - HTML: HyperText Markup Language | MDN


The align attribute is obsolete; do not use it anymore.

Cheers and happy coding :slight_smile:

Certainly useful, thank you!

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