Tribute page to Michael Jordan - Feedback Welcome

Hi guys,

Here is my tribute page -
I’m welcoming any feedback with code suggestions.

Thank you!!!

  • Read this to learn how to add external resources to codepen -
  • However i’d advise you to write vanilla code for now. Libraries are helpful in production, but are a crutch when learning (especially bootstrap and jquery).
  • tidy up your code and research about max characters per line of code
  • don’t use ids and html elements for styling, that’s what classes are for
  • why do your tags have names? Why are all the names the same? Why are you using a form when you’re not actually submitting a form?
  • avoid full-width buttons, they just don’t look good
  • your social media buttons become full width on narrower resolutions
  • you set a line-heght: 150%, make sure you understand what that means -

Проекта ти е много добър и ти пожелавам успех в развитието ти!

Благодаря за съветите, много полезни!