Tribute page ul and li problem my bullet points are way over to the left help?

cant find out what the problem is i can get the bullets moved over but then i getone word per line and cant get just the bullets to start next to the text ived been given websites to explain how to do it but i think i have code that is countering that and i cant figure it out.

havent seen this before so after a bit of googling got this … put a div around your ul …
margin:0 auto;

so should look like this
//"<\div class=‘container’>
sorry about all the backslashes in the elements … only way i could get it to display … but you should get the layout idea from that.
with above css (eg i called div class container) … width you will have to adjust depending on amount of text in your li
in your ul css then put
list-style-type: disc;
if you mess around with the width amount in the div and add a background color you will be able to see what is happening and get it the way you want
here is a link as well to a page showing it … found something similar on stackoverflow and just added outer div to see if para centers with text-align center

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I think it’s because you’ve put a class of .text-center around everything. Might be better to look at centering divs rather than all your text:

@JohnL3 I as having the same issue regarding the buttons. I used what you had suggested and it worked!