Tribute Page Up for Feedback

Hi all,
Thanks in advance for taking the time to have a look. I’m a total newbie to Bootstrap so I’m sure I could get some useful advice and/or information about best practices using the layout components. I’m looking forward to it. Honest feedback appreciated. My Tribute Pen

I can’t speak to best practices…but I think the pictures/captions at the end should be centered. (I’m using Chrome on iPad.)

Yes they should Hilary. Thanks.

Overall looks good visually on my screen though I would have gone with a single column on small screens for readability. Does class=“spacer50” do anything? Looks like you have everything in a jumbotron div but this is usually used only to showcase key messages . Looks like you have a few extra too. You can collapse divs to see what is included in the divs.

Thanks chartman! Yes, I’m sure you’re right about the single column. I’m just now trying to wrap my head around the grid system at getbootstrap’s site.

I put the spacer class to give space between the sections. I do understand that isn’t the way it should be done, but my sections were resting on top of one another. I thought there would be built in padding on the .row class like the gutters via padding in the .column class. I’m missing something I realize so I just didn’t know how else to give the space I wanted between sections. Thanks for cluing me in on the use of the jumbotron div.

I’m not sure what you are referring to “Looks like you have a few extra too” and I don’t know what you mean, or how to, “collapse divs to see what is included in the div’s.” and or why I would want to do that.

Are you saying I have a few extra divs and I can see which ones are utilized by collapsing them?
I am also brand new to CodePen so I’m guessing you’re referring to a function in the app.

If you put you look to the right of the line number you will see an arrow that will collapse and expand the div. I find this helpful when trying to see only the section I want to work on. When you collapse the jumbotron div there are three extra s.

Also you have an html tag in the middle of your html
"car diovascular disease (CVD).
This is unneeded and causing a blank space.