Chris Cornell Tribute
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I am new to coding, I only used bootstrap to build my tribute page. Through trial and error, hours of watching youtube videos, and reading sites, I was able to finally put it together. Thank you world, and Freecodecamp, you are awesome!

First thing, there is nothing like col-xs-15 in the bootstrap. Bootstrap is based on 12 columns grid so it can be maximum of col-xs-12.

Second, the biography text should not be the part of jumbotron. You should start a new div for the copy. Starting from <h5> to last <h3> should have a separate set of row and col. It will fix the text alignment on mobile screens which is currently hugging the boundary of grey coloured container.

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Thanks for the feed back.

I went ahead and change the bootstrap grid to reflect col-xs-12.

I started a new div starting from h5 down, not quite sure I understood what you were suggesting, but I think I fix it so it wouldn’t hug the boundary of the grey colored container.

any more suggestions are welcome.

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I did’t see any change on that pen and tried to figure out where you made the changes.
Then I found out that you are making new pens for each revision. You can/should make changes on your existing pens. It will help you maintain your codepen profile and will be easier for others to review your progress.

This version of your tribute page looks good. Keep up the good work :slight_smile: