Tribute page user story #7

help please! below i have put the challenge i have to complete and the link should show you what ive done to try to complete this. as far as i can tell ive done what i have been asked but for some reason it isnt passing. whats missing or what am i doing wrong? all help is hugely appreciated.

“I should see an a element with a corresponding id=“tribute-link”, which links to an outside site that contains additional information about the subject of the tribute page. HINT: You must give your element an attribute of target and set it to _blank in order for your link to open in a new tab (i.e. target=”_blank")."

Hello! You put the <a> element but it doesn’t actually link anywhere. Review this challenge for help:


thank you for your reply! ive just managed to figure it out. i had to add a href attribute matching the id “tribute link”