Trouble browsing the site on mobile

I have a problem with browsing the site via mobile, when I select in chrome browse by desktop the problem occurs, please solve this dilemma
The site is not working normally
Please the developers of the site solve this problem

When you enter the code, it will look like this

I’ve used the app with my phone before, I recommend it. I think it’s better to use than the website especially as a mobile phone user. To be honest, it’s probably better to use desktop for coding anyway…

Hi there!

هوّ إنتَ كنت بتحاول تعمل ايه؟

I am on my cell phone right now. Please share the specific link you were trying to use.

The problem is not with the link only when I select in the browser Chrome on the mobile Use the desktop on the mobile and edit the code Try you on the mobile and select the desktop sit and edit any code

I cannot recreate the issue on Chrome.
Perhaps it is best to check the freecodecamp github to see if a similar issue has been reported and if not open your own issue with a description of the steps you are using and the output you are seeing (with screenshots).

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