Trouble getting php to work in Brackets

Hi all - I just worked my way through an AJAX tutorial in which it I was required to download Xampp and save several .html .txt and .php files inside of a folder (which I named “AJAX crash”) within the htdocs folder that comes inside of Xampp. I was unable to work between html and php files. I tried setting the Live Preview Base URL in Brackets to “http://localhost/AJAX crash”, http://localhost/htdocs/AJAX crash, http://localhost/lamp/htdocs/AJAX crash, etc. but nothing works.

I feel as though I’m doing something stupid here. My knowledge of naming file paths is minimal.

Has anyone figured out how to use Php via Xampp inside of Brackets? If not, how else might I use Php in Brackets and where should I move all my .html, .txt. and .php files so I can work with them?

Thanks as always. This forum is a life-saver.