How to see entire htdocs-file on web for XAMPP


I use XAMPP for Mac.

When I write in http://localhost:8080/index.php , in the URL, I get a webpage that I am working on. So there everything is fine and working well.

But how can I view the entire HTdocs-folder on the web, with links to the different projects in there? I have seen people do this for MAMP in tutorials. But I don’t know how to do it for XAMP.

When I search for only http://localhost:8080 this should come up, right(?) At least I thought so.

What do I need to change to make all of the projects show up like links in there??

To see the root I think it is called.

Hey @O.w
I think we can’t see in the web.
you can create a folder and then create a file there.
link will be like: "C:\xampp\foldername\ " (In Window)
i don’t know in Mac how it is. i hope you may understand by see the windows one.

if you have any doubt please contact me.

Happy coding

Ah thanks.

I found it. By creating an index.php-file in the list this was showed instead of the list of files.

Is this the best practice? To show an index.php or index.html-file in there, instead of the entire list of files? I’ve heard it can be bad practice to show all the files in there. But I don’t know why?

So now I know how to hide that list by creaitng an index-file.

But how can I “Turn off display directory in the XAMP configuration”? Where is that done in XAMP?

This is just another option to do the same thing right?

So what I am doing is to try to understand these conceps basically. Why I should hide the directory-list and so on. What the point is and how it is done.