Trouble Using Browser Console Since Update

Before the latest FCC update, the output in the console updated as I changed the code. Now it doesn’t update until I click “Run The Tests”. This is much harder to work with. It really limits my ability to see how the code is working.

Is anyone else having this problem?

Does anyone know a way to fix or work around it?



a way to work around it is to use an other editor, like for example

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I’m having the same issue, and when I do console.log() the output repeats itself like 15 times without being in any loops.

I’m also having this issue. Is there any way to fix this or because of the new design it will always be like this?

The reason the console output repeats is because when you run the tests, you are actually running the function you made once for each test.

So 1 console.log easily becomes five or more, depending on the number of tests you need to pass.

The quick trick I use is to just paste the code into the dev console to run it once and see the output:

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Thank you. I didn’t realize that I could do that. My problem is solved.