Trouble with building HTML forms lesson

I am having a problem with lesson 16 in the “Learn HTLM Forms by Building a Registration Form”. The lesson calls for me to “Nest an input element within each label. Be sure to add each input element after the label text, and include a space after the colon”.
I’ve done this, and it keeps saying that it’s wrong. I even logged onto W3 Schools for assistance and it looked like what I did.
When I get it wrong, it states that I should have four input elements in the fieldset.
Please show me what I’m doing wrong.

Could you write your code here?
And have you tried another browser?
I used to have problems using safari now I am using Google Chrome and I don’t have them anymore.

Sure, I can do that. I’ve tried multiple ways, and still, come up with nothing.
Mind you, it tells me that the input element should be after the label text.

<label>Enter Your First Name:</label><input="first name>

<label>Enter Your First Name: <input="first name"></label>

What you see isn’t how I typed it. You can’t see that I used the proper label and input elements, as well as the fieldset element.
In the first example, I placed the input element after the closing label element, and I put the input element immediately after Enter Your First Name in the second.
I’m at a loss for what to do. Oh, and I’m using Microsoft Edge as my browser if that helps any.

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Please post a link to the step you are on. In future, it will help when solving challenges to use the ask for help button rather than open a topic yourself because the button pulls in code and a link to the step in most cases. Or at least it gives you a template to fill out so you know that we are expecting to see the code etc.

In the first row your input is after label and in second row is before.
And the input should not have a value according to challenge description.

Yes, and neither one worked. I also used the input element with and without a value. I just showed it the way I did so people would see a couple of ways I’ve done it with no success.

I’ve got it!!! Thanks for the help.

Good job, no problem mate. :slight_smile:

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