Trouble with weather api

Hi, I’m trying to get the weather api to do something–anything–and not having much luck. I tried using “http://” and “https://” and can’t seem to get any response at all. When I copy and paste the url in the browser window I get all the data back, so it must not be the url, right? I made sure jquery was added…I watched some tutorial videos…can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong.

What am I missing? Here’s a link to my codepen:


You need the http://

Also, just checking, but did you replace the {my key} with your API key in your actual code?

I think you need to console log data rather than data.coord,.

Do you have a CodePen to link to?

Thanks, I added the http and also tried console.log(data), but still not getting anything. I keep tweaking different things and can’t seem to get a response. I also double checked to make sure the key was actually in there. Good call, though. I figure there’s could be some small easy thing that I am just forgetting or not seeing. Let me know if you have think of anything else. Thanks!

Sure, I just changed the original post so it has a link. Hope someone can help me figure it out, thanks!

Hi, I’m on my phone (it’s 2am here) so can’t really tinker with your code.

I’m on the same project too, and I struggled with the API request format at first too. read documentation on open weather, you have to dig a bit but it’s there.

Also, I didn’t try and store the the response in a variable. I did it as part of a function. I’m not certain if you can just store the response in a single variable like that as your response will have objects and arrays in it.

Haha, maybe coding is a good hobby for insomniacs!

Cool, well thanks for taking a look. I’ve been tinkering and reading for what seems like a long time and can’t seem to figure this out. I’ll keep working on it, but if you see anything please let me know. I’ve been stuck a few times before and eventually made it through, but this one seems to have really stumped me.

Yes! I love you, sir or mam! Thank you, that fixed it right away.

Plus I don’t think I’ll make that mistake again!