HELP... please. Stuck on the weather app

I’ve been working on the show the local weather app for a couple of days now and I’m stuck at one part. I have my API link coming in with a get call but when I try to log it to console to check everything is good it doesn’t seem to be receiving it. I know I have probably done something really silly but if anyone could have a look and see if they could help me that would be great. I’ve been going back and forth for hours now.


Any error’s in Console.log

I think your callback is not returning at all (you can test this by trying to log a plain string inside of it).

I figure it’s because codepen needs you to use https only now - try altering your api call to this


For the weather project, I used the SimpleWeather.Js plugin. It’s like an API, but with a lot of nice JavaScript code built around it. Plus, I didn’t need an API key, it was really easy, and it isn’t cheating (because you can use whatever libraries or APIs you need.)

Hope this helps!