Trying to do an if statment with positions

I am using the turtle module, and I wanna do if some turtle is in a position do that. How can I do this?

with the 69 position

jokes aside here is a guide that might help u

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Nope. Didn’t have anything anything about that.

What code have you tried so far?

Anything good. I don’t know how to do.

Could you please explain more simply exactly what you’re trying to do? What do you want to do when what exactly is true?

Basically, if, in turtle module, a turtle reaches the position (x, y) print (…). I don’t know how to do that.

hmmmm okay let me see the error

Why when I put this:

if alex == alex.position(500, 0):

appears me this:

TypeError: pos() takes 1 positional argument but 3 were given

yes you passed n two args in the parenthesis

So, how should I do that?

well try if alex ==alex.position(500,0):

What happens is the same.

it should try to run according to the variable you created

So, what should i do?

remove the quotation marks from the name alex

I did it and occurred the same thing. And why should I do that if i just wanna, if alex go to that position print his name?

can you privately send me the complete code let me go through it and see

Just post the code you have tried here, so others can help you.