Trying to put a label above a set of radio buttons


it was an error in the code above it, forgot a closing element oops

the label is a question and the buttons are answers

for some reason the question is not showing up and the first radio button is not lined up properly

tried nesting the buttons inside the question label, no change

tried enclosing all of it in a fieldset and making the question label element a legend instead, no change

commented out all the radio buttons, still no question

retyped the code, triple-checked it, everything looks correct to me

i had to start this project over due to loss of code (rip) and i did not have any issue like this before

here is my html css and the preview

it’s not fully styled yet because this issue halted that while i figure out what the hap is fuckening

please help, i’m so frustrated and confused

(i also am not sure why my background image isn’t showing up, but that’s a completely different issue)

Try smething like this let the question be here?

oops, meant to reply here

thank you for replying!

i’m not sure what you are referring to when you say “this” and “here”

did you mean to attach a picture?

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