Trying to really understand CSS Grid

Here is another post ready for deletion. Thanks.

hey @bgq007
I’m sorry but I don’t understand your question.
But don’t worry cause I’m coding my own CSS grid site now…

If you can take something from that go for it.
But please look at the NetNinja’s videos for Grid Nesting
And you could try using grid areas. It takes a second to learn and cleans up your code will organizing your thoughts

Sorry I just don’t understand your question.

You didn’t link a CP.
here’s something soimeone gave me earlier

But I would shy away from nesting flex boxes in grids imo because CSS Grid has it’s own nesting stuff.

Oh I see it now.
Yea i see that but I think that it chopped and screwed.
I feel like you should be using CSS grid for nesting in CSS grid.

Dude I know it seems like allot but check out the NetNinja’s Nested grid vid, it’s like 6 minutes.

But your code is working great for me on my end.
Looks gd too with your grid class using auto for rows and colums. I’m straight jackin that lol.

.container {
		display: grid;
             grid-gap: 10px;
		grid-template-columns: repeat(auto, 550px ) ;
		grid-template-rows: repeat(auto, auto  );
		background-color: #fff;
		color: #444;