Twitch - NONE out of 3 proposed queries work. Suggestions?

I am ready to finish up my twitch tv project. HOWEVER, while this GET query works very well for all twitch-tv users in my Safari browser:

Unfortunately, in code pen, this does not work, and neither do

None of the 3 works for ANY of the users listed. These three seem to be the only possibilities, based on the documentation that I have seen. So I am stuck.

Perhaps someone could give me a query that will work in code pen.

Or, I could leave a safari version in code pen, and the reviewer could copy-and-paste the html (that’s all there will be) into a “normal” browser. Or I could put it in github.

Would that be OK?


Do you provide client id when using this one?

have you switched your codepen url to https?

I don’t need a client ID when using the working query in Safari - it works fine without one. Will it be different in code pen?

What do you mean by switching the code pen url to https? My queries to twitch use https already.

but if your url is http, you will get a cross origin issue.

Have a look in the errors in your dev console (F12 on most borwsers) and if that is the case the error will be there.

just stick https:// in front of the address in your browser

Here is the url I use to access code pen:

In my queries, I already use https.

Here is the error message - it does not seem to be a cross-origin problem.

[Error] XMLHttpRequest cannot load Origin is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin.

It looks like the “origin” message is bad - the “s” is on the wrong side of the //. Is there a way to include origin in the twitch query?

I think the s is appended (the one on the wrong side) is appended when you go to debug view.

the error is saying you have a cross origin issue (http to https request). you mustn’t be using https correctly.

it should look something like this. (this pen won’t actually work with https as it cause the same cross origin issue - but the address format is what i’m getting at)

Could you post the link to your pen so I can check it? (and if it is indeed that issue)

(This link works when I paste it into a browser.)
So far in this application I only write to the console - I am trying to understand the format and content of the returned messages. So you won’t see anything unless you show the error console.

Thank you very much for looking into this. I appreciate it.

Hey @sabrawer,

I just spent an hour going around in circles like you have… it should work but it didn’t. So i changed the url back to the kraken one and its working in my version. It works for both http and https codepen urls.

Spoiler link

Thank you for spending the time.

The kracken does NOT work for me. Also, I ran the one in your link, and it does NOT work for me.

So, something is weird here.

I think I will put a note on the web page, at the beginning of my code pen twitch project, to the reviewer, indicating that the reviewer should paste the application into a “normal” browser and run it, and review from that. I will reference this discussion.

did you put your id in?

var id = ‘?&client_id=yourIdNumberHere’

the number string in place of yourIdNumberHere?