Twitch Tv api - can't retrieve any data from the link i request

I request the link below, but i get back a list of undefined field when it lists me down what i requested.

On Postman app, if i request
I retrieve this:
“error”: “Bad Request”,
“status”: 400,
“message”: “No client id specified”

You’ll have to sign up for a client ID. See this thread.

Note that when the curriculum update comes, this project will be optional.

Thank you.
I registered and i got the id.
How can i pass the id to the link ?
With &ID="api-key"
I use $.getJSON()

I’m not sure how you can do that with .getJSON. Try using .ajax instead. If you read the blog, you should find there how to do it.

I did it. I find the key name and i finished my work.
Thank to all you!