Better late than never!

I just completed this. If anyone has any thoughts or questions let me know.

Twitch It!.


Hello gabe,

Good work over your twitch page, but indeed it could be much better and you need to work on it to make it better.

The design is very neat and simple, it works for most of the time, but simple sometimes could turn into boring!

I suggest you start redesign and come up with better solution and facelift for each row ( each channel)

Also one suggestion, it’s true that twitch API works very fast, but sometimes network goes slow. So this is better before you start calling the API, you start something animation(or static) to tell/inform user the work is under work(loading), and once data is ready, hide/remove it and show th element.

There is also different padding/margin on right and left side of main content in your page, please fix ti make it center.

Also try to use relative units over absolute units when possible.

Like to hear some updates about it soon.

keep going on great work, happy programming

You also need to add filtering option for all/online/offline

Hey NULL_dev and sorinr,
Thanks so much for your feedback. It was a little disappointing at first because I was really impatient to be done with the project. But I am much happier with the project now thanks to it.

I didn’t end up implementing a filter option because the project is built around the static array of streamers. So while I did briefly consider adding functionality to search for other streamers I ultimately felt like this was going to end up as a classic example of scope-creep. And I reviewed the original user-stories and I think the project fulfills them as is.

Let me know what you think of this version:
Twitch It 2.

Looks much better now, but the layout still needs work.

The loading indicator now gives more personality to the work, very good.

Mobile view is broken, even in tablet it doesn’t look and layuted well, check:

I won’t go through html and layout stuffs for details, since know you would find and fix the layout issues very easy.

Keep goin on great work, happy programming