Unable to create mlab account

Hi guys, i just started the Apis and Microservices Certification, i’m about to start MongoDB and Mongoose section but the problem is i can’t create an mlab account cause my email already exists on Mongodb Atlas. I had taken 3 mongodb course last year so i already had an atlas free account before FCC’s challenge. How do i continue with the course?

Another person had pointed out the mLab was aquired by Mongodb Atlas. Since from what I’ve seen Atlas works largely the same, you should probably just be able to use that instead of mLab. So just insert Atlas whereever you’d see mLab.

I think the main point is to have a mongodb database somewhere for data, mLab just was a option that had a free tier.

So i heard, but how do i even start cause this is the requirement: https://learn.freecodecamp.org/apis-and-microservices/mongodb-and-mongoose/ Should i just continue with my existing Atlas account? i’m worried about the conflict.

I’m fairly certain that you can just use your Atlas account and it will be fine if you run into problems you can always ask for help then

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