Unable to get a link through on html tribute page

Tell us what’s happening: So I got the basis of my tribute page but when I try to add a link it does not show up as clickable. Like it’s just normal words, https://codepen.io/josiahbrosnan/pen/MZprdJ here is my tribute page in the works.

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< a href = “https://example.notReal”>this is a example< /a >
take off the spaces in mine

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You misspelled href (you have herf).


ok i see your code…only a very small mistake in your anchor element…There mistake is [herf] this code should be [href]… see here below.

a id=“tribute-link” href=“https://www.allmusic.com/artist/e-dubble-mn0001416270/biography” target="_blank">wiki link

you just go inside your code and correct your attribute href spelling