Unable to move to next lesson because of ChunkLoadError message in console

ChunkLoadError: Loading chunk 3033 failed.
(error: https://www.freecodecamp.org/ab6e12f8-172fc22da4dd82b5ec4e.js)

error on the lesson

Can you provide any more information? I am able to view and complete that challenge.

Actually I skipped to the next lesson and same error I can’t submit my answers, what can I do ?

What browser are you using? freeCodeCamp is supported on Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari (but there have been some recent issues with Safari). Have you checked that your browser is up to date? Do you have any extensions/add-ons (such as an adblocker, for example)?

I use chrome updates to the latest version, but no ad locker or extension that has interfered until now.

Hi @mcmusire !

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I edited the title of your post to remove the link and place it in the body of the message.

I was able to complete the lesson you are referencing using google chrome without extensions.

Can you try in a different browser?

Sounds like a potential cache issue.

Try clearing the cache Ctrl + Shift + delete (Or F12 on the challenge page, left-click and hold on the refresh icon, pick “Empty Cache and Hard Reload”).

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You know what that fixed it, thank you a million! Do you mind explaining how it is that the cache was making that error ?

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Caching in general can cause you to get stale (old) data. Clearing the cache is a lot like turning it off and on again. Out with the old, in with the new.

The hashing of the js file name (the funny file name) should force a re-download of it if it changes. Maybe you just had a bad update of the file (for whatever reason). Or it might be any number of hiccups and glitches.

Technology is frail. That’s why it’s so great that we now across the board depend on it for the survival of humanity (power, water, food, money, you name it). Let’s just hope we never have to turn humanity off and on again. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well just might though ? Because humanity has some bugs running hahahaha jk thank you for your expertise this gives me a clear perspective. Can I keep picking your brain for a bit ?

What do you need help with?

I am barely baby stepping my way into a programming field, i don’t know where I can begin networking for a good community of programmers. I would like to be more involved and actively participate in projects because I’m a very kinesthetic learner. Could you give any pointers?

freeCodeCamp itself is not a bad place to start. Doing open source contributions to beginner-friendly projects is a good way to learn.

As for networking, I can’t give you great advice. There are developer meetups, but for obvious reasons with current world events now isn’t a great time for large social gatherings. It also depends on where you live how easy it will be to find such meetups. You can also ask in the fCC Career Advice section (search for networking).

You are absolutely the best ! I live in Mexico right now so i don’t have a lot of options but maybe after the wedding i will move back to Texas. So at the moment I have no connections but the advice you gave me will be put to great use have an excellent weekend

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