Passed the test but now the next lesson won’t load

I passed a challenge then was trying to move on to the next lesson which should be : style the html body element and the page just shows the buffering /loading symbol.

I have refreshed the browser (Google Chrome) several times and it won’t progress.

When I open a new tab and try to go to your opening page I get the same buffering message. I am working on a MacBook.

I’m on my phone typing this right now so I can obviously get on your site from here.

Help! I’m enjoying your lessons so much and would love to continue them.


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the site works. Try clearing your cache

Same problem here. Cleared the cache a couple of times, rebooted the system, but the result is the same. Whenever I try to login I see loading animation that never ends.
UPD: Yes worked this time.

I lucked out for now and clearing the cache worked this time. I wish I had better advice for you snarls at fleas😩

Thank you, that actually worked for me🙏🏻