Unable to pass all tests in Salon Appointment Scheduler

I’m getting inconsistent test results when attempting to pass the Salon Appointment Scheduler. The last few tests were passing at first, but now they are not. However, it seems like my script is doing what’s required based on the user stories.

Script can be found here freecodecamp/salon.sh at main · jhartfiel4/freecodecamp · GitHub

Main tests that are no longer passing (even though I’ve successfully completed those user stories)

Can you share a dump of your database using the command in the instructions @jhartfiel44? I can take a look.

@moT01 added it to the repo. You can find it here freecodecamp/salon.sql at main · jhartfiel4/freecodecamp · GitHub

There’s at least two things I see…

First, your script needs to finish running after you schedule an appointment - otherwise, the tests can’t see the output. When I run the script and schedule an appointment, it takes me back to the main menu - it needs to just finish.

The second one is that it asks for a second input at the start…

What would you like to do?
1) Choose a service
2) Leave the salon

When I enter 1, it then asks me which service I would like. The first input should pick the service. One of the user stories:

You can create a row in the appointments table by running your script and entering 1, 555-555-5555, Fabio, 10:30 at each request for input if that phone number isn’t in the customers table.

Those are the inputs the tests use, so it wouldn’t work with that extra input you are asking for.

This should be enough to help you make progress on the project. I’m not sure if there are other issues, but let me know if you need clarification on any of this or if you get stuck again.