Unable to pass product landing page tests

Hi coders family,

I am unable to pass my product landing page test.
my project link is https://codepen.io/cci_sajad/pen/rQgZJP
Please help me out!

really easy, read the instructions they give you :wink:

you need to wrap all your code in a div with the id ‘main’

<div id='main'>
// your code

whenever you’re stuck with the validators, just take a look at the codepen example they give you at the beginning of the project

good luck :wink:

Thank you!
I have fixed the last bug, but now my navigation bar is showing on left side.
Can you help me to move it to the most right or make it center?
My codepen link is https://codepen.io/cci_sajad/pen/rQgZJP