Unable to publish the newer version of my package

Hi everyone,

I am working on the Manage Packages with npm challenge in the Node.js and Express.js module and I can’t publish the latest version with the ‘npm publish’ command for excercise 10. It first asks me to do a ‘npm adduser’ and then when I try to add the user, it says I need to make sure the ‘proxy’ config is set properly. I didn’t face any problems when I published the first version of the package.

What site are you doing this on?

It’s on the workspace I created on Cloud 9 as instructed in the course module.

It sounds like a cloud 9 issue with the way they are running npm behind a proxy.

I created a new workspace and it worked this time. Thanks for replying to my post Michael.

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Great, have a good day :slight_smile: