Unable to see my name on certificatie why so?

I have completed all my projects and challenges and have claimed my frontend development certificate but i am unsable to see my name on the certificate
can anybody tell me the reason for this ?

freeCodeCamp fetches your name from your github account. So, you will have to add your name to your github account.

If its not a picture or document you can edit it and put your name there yourself :grin:.

Except that if someone goes to the verify link to make sure the certificate is yours, it wont show your name.


With any online certificate, including this one, is a link to verify that the certificate is legitimate. Id reckon anyone interested would ask for the link and not just accept a picture of it since anyone can Photoshop a picture.

But also, if you look on the certificate, the verify link is right there on it…they an easily just go to it themselves and see that the certificates is not the same as the one you showed them if you send them a Photoshopped version. Even though it is indeed yours, it comes off as dishonest and I personally wouldnt even bother to look any further at the applicant if I saw that.

Its so much easier to just log into Github and put your name there so that it shows up on the legitimate certificate.