Unable to uncomment about basic html

Basic HTML and HTML5: Comment out HTML lesson

I do all instructions but "Dont change the order of the h1, h2, or p in the code

Place this at the starting of any element <!-- and at the end of the element place this -->, the line will be commented
Ex: <!-- content -->
And to uncomment delete those <!-- and -->

İ do but in the end give me "Dont change the order of the h1, h2, or p in the code message "

Can you provide the code or screenshot

At line no 1 and 7, you have added comment lines, remove those, you should be fine
And also don’t remove the < angle brackets > of tags for commenting,
Ex: <!-- <p>content</p> --> It should be like this
Anyhow, when you comment lines, the browser doesn’t pick up, but FCC test cases may look for that, so it’s safe commenting with brackets

Help me please. does not pass Comment out your p element so that it is not visible on your page.


My screenshot

It looks okay, if you are not on chrome, please do it in chrome, and try refreshing your browser or reset the code and try again,
This time try these <!-- and --> , those hyphens in your screenshot looks different.

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Thank you. But why does the same code in the Mozilla browser not work?

It works in both firefox and chrome, if only they are updated to latest versions or else it may vary, some challenges may work in chrome or in firefox, it depends on versions, you have to switch it and see if any of them doesn’t work