Uncaught AssertionError: expected undefined to equal 10

Screenshot from 2023-07-02 01-30-50
keep failing this specific functional test

We can’t help based on an image. Post your Replit or a repo.

BTW, why would the status be a 500? That is an internal server error.

Switching to 200 gives this

Well, yes because it is throwing. But that is not the correct expected status. You can not be expecting a 500 for a successful request/response.

If you log out res inside the end function you can see you have an error. Try to trace it back to its origin. You can also see the error when submitting the project on the test page.

After you fix it you likely need to look at res some more and see if it contains what you are expecting it to.

Thank you for the hint…was very useful

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