Understand BCrypt Hashes

I am using the new project example code however:

  1. my local server has error “Cannot GET/”
  2. npm start runs succefully, and I checked all dependencies were installed “npm list”
  3. So obviously my answers are getting read

Any idea why?




do you have the link to the step at hand?
could you confirm that after cloning your fork down, you did in fact run npm install command?

I hadn’t run “npm install” but I just did, and still no cigar.


i have just tested the step in a gitpod instance, and seems to be fine, as you are not expecting any output on the browser for this task.

looks like you are working locally, once you start the server visit the link on your browser http://localhost:3000 , whilst the session is still running copy and paste the url in fCC where it asks for your url to run th tests.

That’s what I’ve been doing ( pasting in my local host url ). But both tests fail and the local host is a 404. For previous assignments local host is 200 and displays a brief sentence about FCC.

I switched to gipod to see if it would work there and it does not…

Any clue why?

link: https://freecodecam-boilerplate-d9e24m95ifc.ws-us114.gitpod.io/

The 404 is expected. If you did the backend and API section of the curriculum, it should come as no surprise why the / route is returning 404.

  1. Make sure you restart the server after the change.

  2. Make sure you are submitting the URL from the preview window.


I restrted the server and refreshed the page, it works! Thanks!