Unsafe-eval error

I was studying on the first task of ES6 topic in Javascript module. Whenever i refresh the page, it gets unsafe-eval error on the console and i am not able to submit the task. Yesterday I did not face any problem. I think something has changed today. You can see the ss below.
Thank you for your support.

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Welcome there,

Would you mind sharing your code, as well as the steps you took to reproduce this?

I am unable to reproduce any issue on that challenge.

i only click the task url below with the console opened and unsafe-eval errors come.

Because of this error, i am not able to submit the right code.

function checkScope() {
let i = ‘function scope’;
if (true) {
let i = ‘block scope’;
console.log('Block scope i is: ', i);
console.log('Function scope i is: ', i);
return i;

After editing code like this, I hit the ctrl+enter and the popup below comes. But “Submit and go to the next challange” does not do anything.

Thank you for sharing. That is useful information.

Some Campers have has success by using a different browser. Hope this allows you to continue :slight_smile:

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I can continue with Microsoft Edge. Hope to see Google Chrome problem solved.
Thank you for your support.

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