Upload image from GitHub

Can anybody tell me what is the correct way to upload my image from GitHub to the Tribute Project.

https://github.com/huiz67/Image/Nelson Mandela Tribute Illustration.jpg”

Thanks in advance

You wouldn’t “upload” it to the tribute page, you would embed it in the tribute page using the <img> tag and the src attribute.

But in order to do that, you would have to use github pages so that you could directly access it off the github server.

Thanks, I am new to GitHub. I have the image on on GitHub Desktop app in a repository but my url does not work in freeCodeCamp.

What URL are you using? It can’t be the one you posted at the top because that’s not using github pages. I definitely understand that this is stuff is a little confusing at first. Here’s something that might make it a little easier?

Quickstart for GitHub Pages


Ok, thanks I found the solution to embed the images through GitHub pages.
Thanks for the link.