Uploading projects online


So I have been using VSCode to do my FCC Projects. I have completed my Front End projects offline in VSCode. I now need to upload it to some site to get a link, so that I can attach it as my solution. What is the best way to do this?

Here are the things I’ve tried:

  1. Tried uploading repository on GitHub and it is taking a long time for each project. The amount of node packages is quite heavy.

  2. CodePen - Many dependency issues and I feel it’s better to stick with IDEs like VSCode.

Any best ideas for this?



Regarding number one, I assume you are including node_modules into the git repository.

It’s not a good practice to include dependencies directly into your git repository. Ignore the dependency directory. Put node_modules string into .gitignore (if not exist, create one) file into the top level of the project directory.


Hey! Thanks. It works perfect.

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In Github, when you first create a project you can choose to add a .gitignore file according to your chosen language/environment including NodeJS.

You can also find .gitignore templates in this repository.