Small issue with transferring projects to VSCode and GitHub

Alright, the basic issue is this: I want to upload projects I did for the FCC curriculum to GitHub and I intend to use VSCode in the future.
I am facing the following issue:

How exactly do I preview some of the projects I did here, e.g. my Anonymous Message Board in my browser. Or more specifically, how do I preview all of the files of one project simultaneously (say, my html file, my server.js, app.js, and so on)?

Are there other issues I need to be aware of? Thanks for your help!

What exactly do you mean by “preview”?

I mean a preview in my browser as was common in the FCC, Codepen and challenges

from vscode you need to install the live server extension

github does not have a preview, it’s a repository to hold and share your files, and benefit from git version control to collaborate on projects


Alright I am facing another small issue that should be easy to fix, but I can’t seem to get it figured out:
How exactly do I go live with something like the Anonymous Message Board on the server in a way that it will be functional?

Whenever I go live with the entire project, I see a display of all of the folders/files in the directory, but whenever I only go live with the html file/-s they are not functional.

I hope I could make the situation clear and would greatly appreciate any help!

Edit: Or would it perhaps be better to just stick with for these types of projects?

You can use github pages to create an actual URL to your working project.

This looks like a good tutorial to help with setting it up.

github pages is not a good choise for the back-end projects, it allows only static (front-end) stuff

something lile Heroku or Netlify is better suited


So basically I will need something like that in order to actually view a working full stack project if I want to work with VSCode correct?

if you want to have it locally you could start with the vscode live server extension

you can also build a project locally, I have never done it, so I would have no idea on how to go

Hm, for some reason the server extension doesn’t seem to work as it should, since it’s only showing me the files in the browser, but it’s not actually functional. If you have any clue why that might be, please let me know.

But I guess I’ll just do some research on that and try a couple of things out. I have also got myself a heroku account, so hopefully that will work too. Thanks for your help!