Uploading site with FTP and fonts not uploading

Is there an easy way to do this? On my project the fonts work okay on my local machine but when I put the site live I can no longer see the fonts working.

Is this just because others don’t have the fonts installed on their machines?

Pictured below. I don’t usually use Filezilla so this was mainly all new to me.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.


Now im actually realizing even the google fonts imported arent loading? The other fonts were woff format.

Any suggestions?


When you use filezilla, the files that fail to upload should be displayed at the bottom left (failed transfers):


Are there any? Can you confirm that the files are or are not uploaded? Sometimes the server needs to be configured to serve certain types of files (this can happen if you configured your server by yourself).

I assume you didn’t change the file/directory structure when uploading the site, right? I’ve seen some people change it :stuck_out_tongue:.

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Hey, thanks for taking the time to reply.

All the files were uploaded and it still wouldn’t work.

Luckily, I found very similar fonts that I’m using with google fonts no problem. These other fonts were a .woff file. Never dealt with that type of text file so not sure why it wouldn’t work.

Heres the final project,


If you don’t mind taking a quick look if you see this and let me know your thoughts, that’d be awesome.


Glad you solved it :slight_smile:.

I’m not really good at design, plus I think it’s just a matter of taste and each one has its own.

That said, there are some things I would fix:

  1. There are a couple of errors with regards to JavaScript (check the console, F12 or Control + Shift + i → Console tab). These problems may or may not interfere with the correct layout of the page:

  2. You should remove the unused fonts from your HTML and CSS. It’s not really an issue, but they cause the browser to make an extra request.

  3. When you click on the menu About, it skips the Portfolio section, so it may happen that some users may skip it. Why not make the Portfolio menu an anchor (like the other menu items) and on the section put the link to the page?

  4. Another detail, the separator of the footer looks like a capital i, which seems out of place :stuck_out_tongue:.

Other than that, it looks good :slight_smile: (to me, of course :sweat_smile:).

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Thanks for these tips! Yes I still need to clean up the code for sure.

Just wanted it available for launch so I could get something online.

Good call on it skipping the portfolio part of the main page when clicking “about”, I may need to do some adjustments there. There is a link to the page there but an anchor could be a good call.

Care to explain what you mean by a capital “I”? Do you just mean what’s pictured below,

Also some people are still seeing the website pictures stretched on mobile and stretched to one picture on desktop. I am not seeing this however.

Any idea whats going on here? Or could it just be his cache isn’t cleared?

Pictures stretched on desktop, only one picture per row opposed to what its set at 4 - portfolio page

Pictures stretched on mobile, no grid gap. - portfolio page

This is happening to him but its fine on my devices and when I test all the devices it works as well.

Sorry, I meant this (between Imagineers and Site Created by…):


It seems like an uppercase i. You could give it more space, maybe.

It may be a problem with the cache, but also a compatibility with their computers/mobiles. I see they’re using a mac/apple, hence it may be a problem that applies to safari only.

Ask them if this happens will all browsers or just with safari. I tested the website on Firefox, Opera and Chrome on Linux and Safari on an iPhone 5s and looks OK. I didn’t test it on windows though.

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