URL Shortener - First Version, Without Express

For now I’m sticking to core functionality because I’m simultaneously studying Angular and want to use that to write an interface.

I wasn’t expecting everyone to use Express, but looking over other projects I notice the code is much more readable and elegant. Not sure how much to attribute to a framework and how much goes to better coding :sweat: , but I’ll definitely consider re-implementing.

Code -> https://github.com/cjsheets/FCC-URL-Shortener-Microservice/blob/master/server.js
App -> https://m-url.herokuapp.com/

I also noticed when I stumbled implementing the 301 redirect (in the end it was because c9.io was preventing them) was much more is written for Express.js…, so I guess it somewhat dominates the landscape. Is there anyone who would recommend a framework other than Express (like kraken, feathers, etc.)

The : in http:// is missing when redirecting from shortened url.

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That was an embarrassing issue. Regex issue during the last step before redirecting.

Thanks for catching it, the fix is now live.