URL Shortener Microservice does not finish

When I pass the urls into “finish challenge line” (IDK how to call this :slight_smile: ) then happens nothing :frowning:
so I can’t get URL Shortener Microservice completed but it’s completed (code completed :slight_smile: )

Make sure you are on the current freeCodeCamp not beta.

Make sure your links are valid. You should have a valid link to your live project (NOT localhost. Should be able to be prefixed with http/https), and you should have a link to a GitHub repository.

Make sure you are puttings these links in the correct spots.

Not sure what else you could do other than clearing cache and relogging in. I was able to submit the challenge fine.

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Post your links and we can test this.

I just put to github string the url to app and to url app string the git hub
So I had to put like this https://github.com/EliasGreen/URL-Shortener-Microservice

But I changed it to this:https://short-urls-.glitch.me

So it worked!
Yeee :))))