URLs mentioned in Scientific computing with Python

Hi Support team!

In the Scientific Computing with Python lessons, there are a couple of resources and extras mentioned in a few of the videos; however, the only way to access those right is to copy the url off of the video…

Could you add the urls into the lesson description or create clickable video annotations to the same? I’ve added below a small non-exhaustive list of a few of the lessons I found where links would be helpful…

Thank you for your time and contribution!
Introduction: Hardware Architecture - Two youtube videos (optional extras, but they are fun to watch) mentioned at 10:39 and 11:10

Networking with Python - Really awesome free e-book on Networking by the prof mentioned at 0:26 (this need not necessarily be a link, it’s an extremely short and simple URL but it may raise the rate of people who find it)

Relational Databases and SQLite- Link to DBBrowser for SQLite (also a very short easy link to copy)

Make a Relational Database - Handout mentioned at 00:00

I’ll try to update this post or add on more as a reply as I go through the rest of the lessons if that would be helpful… Also, it might be cool to link to the py4e website from the first intro…

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