Use our Replit starter project to complete these challenges

I’m trying in “Managing packages with NPM” ( Back End Development and APIs ) , the first challenge (How to use package.json, the core of any Node.js project or npm package) to use your Replit starter project.
I get this message: “This repository cannot be opened, please try again later”.
What is wrong? Is it my fault or is this starter project no longer valid?

Hello there,

We have seen that on-and-off for a few weeks. What is odd is some Campers see it, and others do not.

As best we can tell, you need to connect your GitHub account to Replit, in order to be able to import from GitHub repositories (even if they are public, and even if they are not yours).

There should be a Connect GitHub to import your private repos link on the modal. What I have done in the past is follow that to connect the Replit app to my GitHub, but have not provided it permission to access my private repos. Also, there is an option to only allow it access to specific repos.

Hope this helps

Thnks Sky020.
I will try to do what you say.
I have two accounts, one on GitHub and one on Replit that I work on.
What I understand is to fork the GitHub repo from FCC to my GitHub, then connect my GitHub to my Replit.

You can also use the Connected Services settings.

I did it lasjorg. I googled and I found how ( Navigate to your Replit account, scroll down to Connected Services , and click the GitHub “Connect” button. ).
Now I have to import the repo from FCC GitHub to my GitHub account, I guess.

You can use the link given in the initial challenge to the Replit. It should auto import for you.

I tryed to forked it but doesn’t work because.: "No more forks can be created. These forks already exist ".
Indeed, boilerplate-npm exists in my Replit and in my GitHub, resolved and approved in Curriculum.
I forgot to specify. I solved this challenge once. I just wanted to refresh my knowledge and solve it once more. Looks like you’re only allowed once.

I’m not sure I understand what you are trying to do. You can have as many versions of it as you would like on Replit, it will be renamed by adding a number to the name.

  1. Connect the accounts.

  2. Open the boilerplate using the Replit link in the initial challenge.

  3. Click the “Import from GitHub” button.

It works the same for your own repos. You click the Create button, then click the Import from GitHub button (in the top right of the modal) and then select the repo from the dropdown.

I get what you are trying to do now.

No, on GitHub you can not fork the same repo twice. But I’m not sure why you would.

Edit: You can clone the repo down locally, then create a new GitHub repo for it named something different, and push to that. That will give you a new copy.