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Hi Guys!
I’m creating a website and I can’t figure out how to add my own pictures using an image element. Instead of an src address from the web I want to use photos on my pc. I’ve tried copying and pasting the path but then it fails to load.
Thank you so much guys and happy coding! :smile:

The only place you can look at your photos on your computer is by looking at them on your computer. If you want other people to see them, such as on your web page, then you need to put them on a public server and then you can link to them in the img element.


I knew I can count on you @bbsmooth !
Three questions:

  • If I were to upload my images will they be free use for anyone wanting to use them as advertisement?

  • Why cant I see them on my own pc then?

  • How do I upload them to a server and is it free? Can you recommend one?

Thank you so much!!!

Any images you put on a public server will have a URL, just like any web page would have a URL. So generally, yes, just like anyone can view your web page by typing the URL into their browser, they can also view your images by typing the URL to the image into their browser. And yes, that will mean they will be able to download your images to their computer and potentially use them as they see fit. I’m not an attorney, so don’t quote me on this, but I believe you automatically own the copyright on any images you create. So legally, no one would be able to use your images without your permission. But trying to enforce that is another issue :slight_smile:

If you are viewing the web page locally on your computer then you should be able to see the image on the page provided that you have the correct path to them.

I’m sure there are plenty of free image hosting services out there. Just google “free image hosting”. Or maybe your internet provider offers free web space for you? I don’t have any recommendations since I’ve never had the need to find a free hosting environment (i.e. I’ve always paid for it).

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Thank you for explaining it so clearly!
Is there any specific reason that you use a paid service for your image hosting?
Am I doing something wrong if Google drive links take a while to load (around a minute per picture).
Thank you, I really appreciate your help!

Because I have a business and so I need a reliable place to host my website. You get what you pay for :slightly_smiling_face:

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