Use the Rest Operator with Function Parameters-HELP

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Hey everyone!!I didn’t do so much exercises and now i started again!Can you help with this?I have understand some of them but not everything adn this is the reason why i can’t solve it?Can someone explain it to me?

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const product = (function() {
	"use strict";
	return function product(n1, n2, n3) {
		const args = [n1, n2, n3];
		return args.reduce((a, b) => a * b, 1);
console.log(product(2, 4, 6));//48

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What is it that you understand? That is a good start to know how we can help you

I can’t understand why sum() is not defined and how to do it?!

Because the starting code has a sum function, so the tests use that function. Your code has a product function. Result is that sum is not defined

So what I should do?

Reset your code so that the sum function appears again, and you can try again solving the challenge

Do you understand what the rest operator does?