Useful Chrome Developer Extensions

I’ve been a developer for a few years and I’ve found a few Chrome extensions that have been pretty useful when designing websites.

ColorPick Eyedropper
Let’s say you go to a site and you really like the background color, or maybe you find a color on an image interesting and you wish you knew the color so you could use it somewhere. This extension allows you to capture the exact color value in different formats like RGB, Hex, or HSL.

Clear Cache
Sometimes when you’re working on a site, the styles might not be loading and it’s driving you crazy because you don’t understand why. Sometimes your browser will cache a website so it can deliver it to you faster which means it’s not displaying the latest version. Sometimes you just need to clear the cache to reset something. This extension not only can clear the cache, but it gives you different options of what to clear and what you want to happen after it’s cleared (like reload the page).

Lorem Ipsum Generator (Default Text)
Most of us use placeholder text when we’re mocking up a site and usually that text is Lorem Ipsum. This extension will give you a variety of different options from a few words up to a number of paragraphs with many sentences each. It can give you straight text, or even add in the paragraph tags for you, if needed. I use this not only for placeholder text, but also to see what happens when a lot of text is added to different sections.

I just wanted to share some of my finds with the community and I hope you find this useful.

Happy Coding!! :slight_smile:


Clipboard History
It gives you a lot more clipboard, I Love it.

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WhatTheFont: You can hover over any text and see what font is it.

Chris Pedrick’s Web Developer Toolbar: Pretty self-explanatory.

LiveStyle: For mirroring and saving changes you make with the developer tools ‘Elements’ and ‘Styles’ panels into your code-editor of choice.

Atomic Chrome: Let’s you edit whatever you’re typing into a text area input box in Atom.

And of course, the ones you’ve previously mentioned.