Web developer Tools

As a web developer, what kind of tools do you use to simplify your work?

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One tool I find useful is colorzilla. http://www.colorzilla.com/

This is chrome extension where you can get the hex value of any colors you see in your current browser window.

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At my current job (off the top of my head):

  • Software:
    • WebStorm
    • MobaXTerm
    • Chrome
  • Browser extensions:
    • JSON Formatter
    • Redux DevTools
  • Other tools
    • Perforce
    • Code Collaborator
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I’m just going to throw out Visbug for Chrome. It’s a great tool for mocking up small or even large web page modifications in real time.


I also found tools like:

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For nice colors:

I’d also recommend using ColorMania utility to pick, mix, identify colors. It`s free and lite and really handy, take a look:
Color Mania

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The main two:

  • The browser (chrome and chrome dev tools)
  • Jetbrains products for IDE’s

Jetbrains IDE’s are pretty powerful, and if you learn the keyboard shortcuts and the refactoring tools you can whiz around that thing super quick.

Aside from that and technology specific things, Postman and Charles proxy come in handy from time to time for making and intercepting requests respectively.

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  • VS Code (with plugins for TypeScript, linting etc)
  • GitHub desktop - very simple Git client that does almost everything you need
  • Chrome devtools - impossible to live without it
  • Postman - brilliant for testing your API
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Inspiration tools: