Helpful Programming Tools

What are the tools you use for programming? Helpful concepts, text editors, guides, etc.

I want this topic to be a massive list that people can refer back too in order to help themselves.

Feel free to reply and add to it

The format for each tool you post (hyperlinked)

Name of Tool: Short description

Here are my tools:

Font Awesome: Thousands of high-quality icons for HTML

Canva: Free online graphic deisgn

CSS3 Transitions: Use CSS transition for uncomplicated simple animations

freeCodeCamp: 1000+ challenges to learn Front End

FCC Forums: Great community for help with coding needs

Media Query: Responsive Web Design

Flex Box: Very simple and powerful; combine with Media Query

ScreenFly - Test reponsiveness

Coolors: Generate a random color scheme

Box Shodows: To add depth

Inspiration: Hundreds of Codepens’ for ideas

Write on Web: drawing on screen

Ruler Measurement: find the size of an element

WhatFont: Extract fonts from your favorite web pages

ColorZilla: Extract colors from webpages

These can all be found at -->

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