Tips for Web Developer

Hi, I wan’t to read your coments about you guys, like tips in:

  • Design
  • Develop
  • How you work
  • App for organization
  • Where u learn about web develop
  • What is your favorite tools for develop
  • Where u find new ideas
  • Where u find materials
    Information u think can help other people, I just started my course with freeCodeCamp about Responsive Web Design and I want to study more.

I started freeCodeCamp two months ago. Some tools that help me are: nodemon, vite, emmet.

frontend resources:

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thats is very wide array of questions and those being very general as well. Each one of them would take a topic on its own and still be insufficient to expand.
You are quite early on your learning, better focus on the curriculum and as one of those questions emerge, look around on the forums or create a separate topic. On some of those questions, getting answers now would dive you in too deep waters

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I should say as a tool to find bottlenecks and fine tuning. Chrome browser to examine and test different css options. Besides that is a good tool to test portions of code.

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