User Story #13: The navbar should always be at the top of the viewport. how can i do this?

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Hello I don’t know how to make the navbar to be always on the top. Here is my code Any help would be appreciated.
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Hello @lic.icordero ,

there are various things on how you could approach that.
I would recommend, for a really simple solution, to have a look on the positions property. Position: fixed; should work in your case. Other than that you should add a padding on the section to have a white background under the navbar.

I believe you wanted to use the .container to wrap around your section? Currently the container div is not doing anything.

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Thanks!!! I tried adding position: fixed in the nav, but it didn’t resolve the problem.

Thanks. I read it but im new with coding, i don’t understand what is the problem with the page.

I found the solution here:


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Good job on researching and finding what you were looking for.
You learn more when you research and find what you’re looking for because it gives you a deeper understanding. Much more so than having someone say, “do this to fix it”.