Users not posting questions when asking for help

I am trying to help the users in the forum but most of the time they don’t have their questions posted, I am not sure what I should look for in the codebase that they shared. I am aware that there’s a limit a user can reply or post so I normally wouldn’t waste my reply on asking what question/ issue they are having.

What can I do in this case?

I am doing exactly that - asking about issues. I don’t know what other options we have

I don’t know about this, could you provide alittle more info about it?

The code could be setup so that you couldn’t post without having something in that field? Maybe?

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Sounds good I will suggest this to the staff thanks!

Oh, I didn’t knew that. I’ve never encountered this. I guess it’s because I became more active when I already earned some trust level

I see I will work hard on earning higher trust level thanks for sharing!

I am not sure how this work about trust level. I didn’t do anything specific for this, I have basic trust level now and I’ve never encountered limitations like you mentionned


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