Maximal number of replies for a new user

Dear all,

I have been on and off freecodecamp for quite some time, mainly using it for freshing up my JS (I do mostly backend work). After getting off my last assignment I had some spare time and thought: well, why not help out a bit. freecodecamp has given me a lot over time, so giving back would be the right thing to do.

After writing a bit I now get the following message:

Which raises the question to me: why is there a limit? All conversations I am in are stuck now, also private messages. I do get that this should be some form of spam protection. But personally I think this keeps people unnecessarily out of the conversation.

Well, that’s my 50 cents. Thanks to all you awesome campers out there :slight_smile:

It is, as you guessed, spam protection. Discourse (the forum platform we use) has a concept of “trust levels” for users that allows for automatic escalation of privileges for users. Blog: Understanding Discourse Trust Levels. You don’t see it very often because there are several extremely active moderators, but we do have problems with spammers. Beyond intentional spamming though, it often takes a little while for new users to get used to how the forum works so throttling their posts helps the moderators catch what I’ll call “unintentionally spammy” behavior and talk to the new users. Editing or removing 13 posts per day for a single user can be enough work.

As a moderator, I’ve looked at your forum activity and I have manually bumped your trust level to “Member”, which increases your daily limits.


Thanks for the explanation!
You guys really have a great organisation behind this all :+1: - I hope to be able to contribute more in the future.